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Are you looking for simple DIY Homemade Air Freshener ideas on making your home, apartment, or office smell great? I have compiled 6 DIY ideas for air fresheners to get you started on doing just that. As you may know, certain scents trigger a person’s mood or work performance, why not make homemade air fresheners to keep a positive outlook on a daily basis? The store bought air fresheners are so expensive, there are so many ideas to make homemade fresh and delicious scents that are not expensive.

Always remember to keep the yummy smelling scents out of reach of young children if attempting to make your own.

Follow along below to make your homemade air freshener.

#1 Mason Jar Scents for Drawer / Closet / Bathroom Air Freshener

This idea is so quick and easy, it’s perfect for for freshening up your clothes drawer, closet or any small space. All I did is added Baking Soda and Gain Scent Booster to a mason jar, then I cut out a 5in x 5in fabric circle and poked holes in the center with a toothpick for ventilation and screwed the lid back on. That’s it, it’s good to go!


Small / Medium Mason Jar with lid

5in x 5in Fabric Circle



2 TBSP Baking Soda

4 TBSP GAIN (In Wash Scent Booster)

#2 Air Freshener Spray for Car / Upholstery / Clothes / Room 

This one is super easy, I just poured hot water into a spray bottle and added the GAIN Scent Booster and gave it a shake. It will take a little bit for it to dissolve, once it does, give it another shake. It can be used on practically anything, such as the car, clothing, upholstery, shoes….anything! To make my embellishment I cut out a fabric circle the size of a quarter and hot glued a gem onto the circle, then hot glued the label to the bottle. This took 5 minutes to make! Easy.


4oz Spray Bottle

Label (optional) / Embellishment


2 TBSP GAIN (In Wash Scent Booster)

4 oz Distilled Water

#3 Homemade Diffuser for any Room 

This is one of my favorites, I mean it smells sooo good! This is an old Pier One Diffuser (Bottle) that I saved. It is easy to replicate, just get a vase with a lip and string leather or whatever you desire to the neck and to make a tassel, just tie another piece around the neck and add beads, then finish it off with a knot. Easy.

I added water, vanilla and scented oil (10 drops sandal wood & 10 drops cinnamon) and stirred with a cinnamon stick. Toss in some cinnamon sticks and TADA, you’re done!


Bottle / Vase


1 tsp Vanilla

3 Cinnamon Sticks

20 Drops Essential Oil / Warming Oils (cinnamon & sandalwood)

8 oz Distilled Water

#4 Simmer Aroma throughout your Home

If you’re into natural air fresheners, this one you’ll love. I brought to a boil water, vanilla, orange, lemon, Thyme & Rosemary, then lowered the heat to simmer all day! Don’t leave it unattended and add water if needed throughout the day. You may even want to try another combo, by adding cinnamon sticks, orange slices & vanilla for another recipe idea. MMMmmm smell so good and is not toxic, it’s totally natural.


Small Pot or Warming Pot


2 tsp Vanilla

1 Orange Sliced

1 Lemon

1-2 stems Thyme

1-2 stems Rosemary

#5 Yummy Gummy Bear Gel Candle

This is by far my FAVoriTE!!!! It’s a spicy sweet mess and smells delish! Keep this one out of reach of small children! This recipe makes 2 small jars or 1 medium one. To make this… I boiled water, salt and the Gelatine and stirred constantly until all was dissolved. Remove from heat and add scented oils and food coloring. Now, Pour into mason jars and drop what you have left from your gummy bear pack, I know you ate some, LOL!

Honestly, My husband was a sweetie pie, he went to the store to buy me more gummy bears so I can top my Yummy Gummy Gel Candle with more gummy bears once the gel became a little thicker.

Let it set on counter or you may put it in the refrigerator to set faster. The salt will keep it from mold, BTW. There, you can tell me you don’t love this! It’s amazing!


Small / Medium Mason Jar with lid

Small Saucer / Pot

Measuring Cup


Small / Medium Pack Gummy Bears

2 Unflavored Gelatine Packets

20 Drops Essential Oil/Warming Oil

1 Cup Distilled Water

1 tsp Salt

2 Drops Food Coloring

#6 Scented Pouch for Drawer or Car

The scented pouch is the easiest & quickest DIY tutorial I’ve ever done! This is perfect for underneath the car seats, drawers & those stinky shoes! Tip; you can use a mason jar lid to use as a guide to make your circle. just make sure it’s 1 inch larger around than the lid. 


6in x 6in Fabric Circle

8 in. Ribbon


    • 1 TBSP GAIN (In Wash Scent Booster)


All I did was….. 1, Cut out 6in x 6in fabric circles. 2, Filled the center on the wrong side of the fabric with GAIN Scented Booster. 3, Pinch it shut & Tie a bow with the ribbon. Simple & Fresh!

 There are so many endless ideas & recipes to create homemade air fresheners, which one are you going to try? Drop a comment below or visit are Facebook Page.

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep Checking Back To See What I’m Up To Next!

Always from my DIY ❤, chelle’


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