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chelleHi, I’m Chelle’ (Pronounced like Shellie), The Chelle’ Project is about sharing my LOVE for DIY! I LOVE creative craft projects and home projects to visually beautify the surroundings in my home. I will share my DIY Projects, personal Recipes and Sewing that express my style, but most of all, share my inspirations & passions. Hopefully, I can inspire you to do the same.

I live outside of the downtown area of San Antonio, Texas. For the record guys, I do NOT run errands on a horse! Ha..Just sayin’, I do get asked that a lot.

 I’m a wife, a mother to one beautiful daughter and I’m a mee mee, (YES, a grandma!…LOL) I can hardly believe it!!

We have three cats, all girls Scout, Roo & Little Pea (NOT so little).

FYI Sis…I am NOT the cat lady! What?!? :wink

 I my family to pieces!

I’m SOOO happy you are here! Stay a while and take a tour.

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My Sewing Story

As a child growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Great Grandma Cleo, pretty much everything in her home was homemade by her, such as, blankets, curtains, pillows & clothing.

Starting at age four, my grandma would put me to work threading her sewing needles, she would have me de-lint her old fashioned singer sewing machine after each project, I helped her with everything, except sewing. Although I didn’t mind helping her out, but that just was not enough, I wanted to do more! I wanted to learn how to sew too.singer sewing machine She started me off sewing by hand with a needle and thread, then she taught me how to operate her sewing machine, FINALLY! Lol

She bought me a Holly Hobby sewing machine so we can sew together. My first project was my very own pin cushion, what a beautiful lop-sided pin cushion it was, I thought so anyways! I caught on fairly quickly, then I moved on to the big stuff, ” Barbie Clothes”! Yes, that’s right! At age four, I was indeed making my own barbie clothes.

Singer Zig Zag

As a mee mee myself, When my grand-daughter was five, I bought her, her first Singer ZigZag      Sewing Machine, to hopefully inspire her, as my grandma did for me. She took to it like a champ!

That is how I got started in my sewing addiction.



My Photography Story

For as long as I can remember, my siblings and I would hear our mother say over & over, “Say Cheese” or “Smile Pretty”. She took photos of us doing anything and everything. Whether we liked it or not, we have proof in the pics!…LOL She didn’t have anything fancy, she used a tiny camera that required film and disposable flash cubes (remember those???). She used the disposable cameras too. At the time, as children, we didn’t realize what a blessing it is to have all of those memories captured for us to look back on, as adults. Thank’s Mom.

My grandparents bought me an instant polaroid camera when I was a preteen, I Loved It! I had many different types of cameras after that. A few years ago,card1 I bought a Canon EOS 7 D, the camera I have always wanted and I Love LOVE Love it!!

Now, I’m capturing memories for our family to cherish.

All photos on this website were taken by me, unless stated otherwise. You may use them if you like, AS LONG AS YOU LINK THEM BACK TO ME! or the original post.    Thank’s!



I will be the first to say, I’m a lazy cook, when it comes to cooking for myself.

If I’m home by myself, I will sometimes just snack all day or eat quick food somewhere. (Cheeseburger or Taco’s…Lol)! But seriously, when it comes to eating with my husband & family, I do cook. I do not claim to be “The Top Chef” or anything, but some of the recipes that I will share with you are meals I prepare and eat here in my home, that my family claims to love and will ask for seconds.

Visit my recipe section, I do hope you will give them a try in your home as well, Enjoy!


Everything Else

I love to Create, Decorate, Design & Explore New Ideas and Transform anything I can get my hands on, especially on a budget!! I like to put my personal stamp on things that I am visually surrounded with on a daily basis. Why not make it your own style and totally love it, Right?

In my work, you may notice that I love Layers on top of Layers, Polka Dots, Ruffles, I’m in love with Fabric & Prints. You may have guessed already…I ♥ PINK! 
Fabric I Love                    I like to think outside the box, sometimes my work may be a little strange to some, but I like a little edge and if it works for me, well then that’s alright! Wink:) 

So my friends, Thank you for your interest, your support is very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your tour of…

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Remember: Be Inspired . Get Creative . & Discover YOUR passions!

.the end.

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Always, From my DIY ♥, chelle’ 

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