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I was inspired to make this DIY His & Hers Chalkboard Love Notes Center, because my husband and I write each other sweet notes weekly. So, together we decided it would be fun to make chalkboards to write love notes and to express our thoughts. I think it’s a great idea, it keeps it fun and who doesn’t like sweet love notes? Why not make everyday Valentines day?

To make it fun, for this project we each wrote on a piece of paper, 3 things we love about each other. If you were wondering, Monkey and Shebop are what we call each other. It’s so funny he chose Queen, reason being, sometimes I call him My Excellancy, Lol!!

We went Flea Marketing and purchased two iron wall hanging dish holders, above for $7! They feel like they weigh at least ten pounds each, but what a great find for our project. We felt it was a bit old fashioned to display our dishes, so instead, we are repurposing it into our love note center! Lol One for him and one for me.

If you want one too, there is really nothing to it. You can either buy chalkboards already made or make your own. If you’ve never painted your own chalkboards before, I can help! I’ll show you how to do it.

Let’s Get Started 


Martha Stewart Crafts Chalkboard Paint, Martha Stewart Crafts Sponge Paint Roller, Chalk Ola Premium Wet Wipe Markers, 9X9 Craft wood Placks and Paint Primer (not shown).

I used 6 oz. Martha Stewarts Craft Chalkboard Paint in black. There are many other colors to choose from. The paint is thicker than other paints I’ve tried, it made painting very easy and quick.  The Martha Stewart Sponge Roller helped to paint evenly onto the wood planks. I chose Chalk Ola Premium wet wipe Markers, they had a variety of vibrant colorful choices. For the primer I used RUST-OLEUM Paint and Primer to coat the craft wood to smooth it out and protect the chalkboard paint from soaking into the wood.

The first step is to prime the craft wood with a good primer of your choice, this will add a protective layer and smooth out the roughness of your craft wood. Repeat for extra smoothness and let dry.

Next, pour a generous amount of paint into a paint tray and dip and roll the paint roller into the tray, until the entire sponge is covered with paint. Then paint away!

The wall plate hanger each had four placements, so I made four chalkboards for each hanger. I painted three layers for each chalkboard , only because I wanted it super thick to ensure that I had a good surface to write sweet nothings with my Chalk Ola Markers! After painting all eight chalkboards, I only used one 6 oz. bottle of chalkboard paint. It really went a long way! Let dry for several hours before using.

Now it’s time to bring it to life and start writing sweet nothings on our DIY His & Hers Chalkboard Love Notes.

He Said….

I Said…

And that’s it, you’re done!!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

Thanks for your support, Always from my DIY , chelle’.


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