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Learn how to make DIY Cheerleading Pom Pom’s to show your team spirit when watching your favorite game! I decided to make Pom Pom’s to show team spirit at our little Jozel’s volleyball games. It’s simple to make and only cost $5.00 for each pair of pom’s! I’ve made enough for the entire family to help support the team.

For this project, I’m making Blue, Black & White Pom Pom’s for the Strikers Volleyball Team. Which team colors are you going to make?

Follow along below to make your own DIY Cheerleading Pom Pom’s shown above…


To show Striker Spirit I used Black, White & Blue Tissue paper, 36 inch piece of yarn, scissors and Blue Glow Bracelets, Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks.

Since I’m doing multiple colors, I’ve layered the tissue paper on top of each other as so…2 blues, 2 whites, 2 blacks, 2 blues, 2 white, 2 blacks and 2 blues.

Fold the layers in half longways. If you want smaller pom pom’s, cut the tissue paper in half.

String the yarn in the center of the fold. The yarn is going to be used as a guide for the step below. Now with your scissors, grip the edge of the paper with your fingers and cut your desired width of strips. Just cut to the top, at least one inch from the tops edge.

It will look like this when completed.

At one end, start opening up the paper by separating the strips. The string will help guide you to the center. Now, fold the paper from one edge to the other until all is gathered.

Once folded to the end, wrap the yarn around the center of the pom pom tightly and tie several knots.

To add a grip handle to the pom pom, just hook one Glow Stick Bracelet onto the yarn….

…and attach the glow stick fitting to form your bracelet. I recommend using the hot glue to glue the fitting to the bracelet to secure it. It’s super fun using the glow stick as the pom pom handle, because it glows in the dark. How fun is it to have glow in the dark pom pom’s?

Glow in the dark handle

To get fullness, start separating and scrunching the strips to your desired fullness, Shake out and you’re done! Now go and support your favorite team!!! GOOOOO Strikers!!!!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep Checking Back To See What I’m Up To Next!

Alway’s from my DIY ❤, chelle’


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