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Once again, I’m trying to get my studio in tip top shape for future projects that I’m working on. I really needed a wall calendar to quickly glance at my “To Do” list, because I’m terrible for writing sticky notes and placing them all over my computer and desk.

I’ve seen so many great ideas for Framed Dry Erase Calendars and was inspired to make my own! Besides, I have a huge box of frames in my closet, why not repurpose one into something creative, such as a calendar??

I love my new calendar, because it’s personalized just for me!! I can write down my “To Do’s”, Appointments and Personal Reminders. My calendar has my favorite colors and is made with fabric sewn together like a quilt. The fabric is a newspaper print…(I’m thinking more like a printed love story) and the pink images are Classic Children’s Stories & Poems we all grew up reading, when we were itty bitty.

Since school is back in session, this DIY dry erase calendar idea will be perfect for a student and a dorm. Maybe your workspace at home or office? There are so many cute ideas out there on the web to make these calendars, however, if you’d like to see how I made mine….see below.

You can personalize your calendar with any fabric you’d like. You can make the Squares the same color or Mix & Match like I did with mine. Either way, you will need 42 Squares for this project, a large frame, scissors, thread, pins, sewing machine, dry erase marker and eraser. You can cut 3 x 3 inch fabric squares or you can make your own pattern to use as a guide, if that is easier for you. If you use the pattern guide, the squares will be about 2 3/4 inch squares.

Before you begin cutting your fabric, be sure to iron the fabric to ensure that you have even squares after cutting the fabric.

If you are using the pattern, you will need three sheets of paper to make 42 or more squares. Place the pre-folded pattern onto the fabric and pin to keep in place. Begin cutting.

If you are cutting out the squares freehanded, cut 42 3 X 3 inch squares.

To make the calendar, you will have six rows with seven squares on each row.

Once the squares are all cut out, Lets start making the 1st row… together 2 fabric squares with printed sides together and sew close to the edge on the right side of the squares. Continue to attach and sew the right side to each of the squares with the print side together for each row shown above, until you have 6 rows.

Now that you have each row completed, it’s time to attach the rows together.

Repeat the same step as you did while sewing the squares together above. This time do the same thing with the rows. Place the rows print side together and match up the corners of the squares and pin to keep in place. Now, sew close to the edge of the fabric to connect the rows.

Repeat the same step for each row. Once your squares look like a quilt, your done!

At this point you should press the seams to smooth out the fabric to give your Dry Erase Calendar a sharp look.

It’s up to you if you want to leave the edges of your calendar raw or use designer scissors to give it a more finished look, shown above.

Now that all the sewing is done, place your personalized calendar into your frame, then hang on your wall.

 Now it’s time to get the organizing groove on, go and get that dry erase marker and let’s do this!! Lol…Just number your calendar per month and erase when you need to.

There, how easy was that? Have you given this DIY a try or are planning on it? I want to hear about it, leave a comment below or visit my Facebook page.

Don’t forget to share this if you know someone who may benefit from this! Thanks so much for your support!!!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep Checking Back To See What I’m Up To Next!

Always from my DIY , chelle’


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