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 DIY Halloween Treat Bag with a Drawstring

Use this DIY Halloween Treat Bag with a Drawstring Idea and fill it up with yummy treats to gift to your special someone for Halloween. This is perfect if you are planning a Halloween Party too, just use these for your guest’s gift party bags.  They were very easy to make, I will show you how I made them Step by Step! This guide is great for beginners.

Let’s Get Started! ↓

What you will need for this Halloween Treat Bag with a Drawstring:

1/4 yard Fabric for Halloween Treat Bag

1/4 yard Fabric for Ghost

Matching Thread for Halloween Treat Bag

28 inch long 1/2 inch width Ribbon


Sewing Pins

1 Sheet of Xerox (Copy Paper)


Click here for Ghost Cutout-The Chelle Project

2 Fun moveable eyeballs

Fabric Glue

Pellon Wonder-Under Double Sided Adhesive

Safety Pin or Drawstring threader

Fold fabric for the Halloween Treat Bag with printed sides of fabric together and use a sheet of copy paper as a template, then cut your fabric…

Open up your the fabric and you should now have a rectangle…

Fold & Iron (press) the long edge of your fabric 1/4 inch, then fold it over once again 1/4 inch and press. Repeat this on the opposite side…

 Fold & Iron (Press) the short edge of your fabric over 1/4 inch, Now fold again, but 1 inch this time and iron (press). Repeat the same steps on the opposite side…

It should look like this when your done…

Fold your fabric with the printed sides together and line up evenly on all sides, then pin your fabric to stay in place…

Sew one side of the top of the treat bag as shown above, then repeat on the other side. (Be sure not to sew both sides of the top together) Then sew the center of your folded edges along the sides of your Halloween Treat Bag, using the starting point as shown above…

Using a safety pin or drawstring threader, feed ribbon through one side of the top then around the other side to create a drawstring bag…

Now…Let’s start on the Ghost Iron On:

Fabric, Scissors, Ghost Template, Pellon Adhesive, Pencil & Iron

Be sure to read and understand the Pellon instructions before you begin.

trace template onto adhesive backing

Cut out enough fabric & Adhesive to cover the whole ghost template.The fabric print side should be faced down and rough side of the adhesive sheet should be facing down, as well . Place the template on top of the adhesive backing and trace with your pencil…

Using your iron, press the adhesive cutout following the Pellon instructions. I found that pressing firmly for at least 20 seconds worked well for me. Let adhesive cool, then cut out the ghost template and peel off the paper backing.  If it’s too difficult to peel, at one of the points of your cutout, use a sewing pin to help separate the backing from the fabric…

Position your ghost on your bag, iron and press firmly until the ghost is secure to the Halloween Treat Bag….

Now it’s time to add the eyes…Place two small dots of fabric glue to the ghost and position the eyes onto the glue, press and let dry. And You’re done!

To add an extra touch, attach a Mini-Halloween Gift Card 

Now, all you have to do is decide which yummy treats or gifts to fill your DIY Halloween Treat bag with a Drawstring with.

What would you fill your bag with, Tricks or Treats? Lol

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

xoxo, Chelle’


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