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DIY Mid Century Buffet After Transformation 2

Let us show you how we easily transformed a Mid Century Buffet into this Two Toned Stunning Entertainment Piece

Check out this DIY Mid Century Buffet Transformation that my husband and I did together. I will show you what we did to give this piece some more character.

We were window shopping in Downtown San Antonio, Texas and saw this beauty! She was tucked away in the corner, so we rescued her and brought her home. This piece of furniture didn’t need an Updo to begin with, but we wanted to give it more POP, for our taste! This piece is going to be used as an entertainment center in our living room.


DIY Mid Century Buffet Before Transformation3

This Mid Century Buffet is 8 feet in length, it was pretty interesting getting this baby home. Thanks Bryan & Tazz!!!

DIY Mid Century Buffet Before Tranformation2

The peek a boo windows and hardware is so unique, thats what drew us in. The door handles and curtains were too outdated, so we did away with those and replaced them with glamorous vintage knobs and I sewed new curtains.

DIY Mid Century Buffet Before Transformation

On the inside, the shelves and sides were in perfect condition. The backing had to be replaced, as it was wilted and falling apart. We added holes in the back to feed our electronics electric cords to have easy access to the outlets. Look at all of that space, now we can hide CD’s, books, albums and electronics!

Mid Century Buffet Before Transformation 4

Firstly, we removed the backing and all of the doors, shelving and door handles…

DIY Mid Century Buffet Sanding

Then lightly sanded the entire surface and gently cleaned this piece inside and out.

DIY Supplies for sanding Mid Century Buffet

Don’t forget, when sanding, you should wear gloves, a face mask and safety glasses for protection. Safety First! For sanding, we used  DIABLO 1/4 Sanding Sheets Ultra-Fine /220 grit.

DIY Mid Century Buffet Transformation

Since the door handles had to go, I went with a round vintage glass knob in its place. See below, when viewing them from the side they are clear and see through, but when viewing straight on, they are solid black. LOVE it! The hardware in the doors were difficult to remove, so we just left them on and protected them with painters tape instead, before painting.

Supplies for Mid Century Buffet Transformation

Behr Paint, Generic Paint Tray, Paint stick, Paint Roller and 2 inch Paint Brush

I went with BEHR Premium Plus, Paint & Primer in One, in Dark Walnut, to paint the body and inside of the Mid Century Buffet. And for the doors and shelves, I used RUST-OLEUM Painters Touch Paint & Primer in Satin Heirloom White for the two tone effect.

After the sanding, painting and putting back together, this is what our new Mid Century Entertainment Center looks like!


DIY Mid Century Buffet After Transformation 2

DIY Mid Century Buffet After Tranformation

DIY Mid Century Buffet Transformation

Look at the knobs, Isn’t it great? I love how they are see through from the side view.

This piece adds so much character in our space and we are so happy with the results.

Hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project as much as we enjoyed doing it, Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this transformation.

xoxo, From my DIY Chelle


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