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I think this DIY Painted Vase Project is perfect for anyone wanting to give their space some POP of color! These fun vibrant colored vases would even be a great centerpiece for an Easter luncheon. Easter or not, I just know that they are so colorful and pretty to look at. You can dress your painted vases up with your favorite flowers or without and display them anywhere in your home or office.

This project is very simple, I will show you how I painted these vases in 3 easy steps.

Lets Get Started 

Materials: Translucent Vases, Jars or Bottles, Wine Stopper, Acrylic Paint And Water

You’re not limited to just vases, you can use anything translucent, such as mason jars and wine bottles. I had several vases I wanted to liven up! I used Artist’s Loft Acrylic Paint in the 4.06 oz. squeeze tube from Michaels Arts and Craft store to paint these fun vases. There are many colors to choose from, I chose Neon Pink, Light Green, Brilliant Yellow and Metallic Purple for my project.

Step 1: Squeeze half of the tube of Artist’s Loft Acrylic Paint in each vase.

Step 2: Add about one teaspoon of water.

Step 3: Plug the top of the vase with the wine stopper and shake vigorously and let dry.

If necessary, you may add a few more drops of water for more coverage. Give the painted vases at least 2 days to dry.

You’re Done!

Now you can display your colorful vibrant Painted Vases to give your space that POP or add flowers for that centerpiece!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project and hope I inspired you to get creative to make your own DIY Painted Vases too.

Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

Always, from my DIY , chelle’


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