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Are you looking for a DIY Plastic Drawer Makeover? Well, my friends, I have the easiest and inexpensive idea how you can transform your ugly & boring plastic drawers into faux stainless steel.

I own so many plastic drawer systems in my studio, but they were so blah to look at! So, I decided to do a plastic drawer makeover!! They are inexpensive and definitely do the trick for storing my many paper, craft and sewing supplies. Because the drawers were see through, all of my stuff was visible and it looked very untidy.

Lately, I’ve been on a kick with the white & stainless steel look and wanted to incorporate that look with the drawers, along with chalkboard labels. The chalkboard labels come in handy for me, since I’m always rearranging my space, I won’t have to keep replacing labels. The labels were made with mix matched craft frames and chalkboard paint.

If you have two sets of drawers, stacking them is a great space saver! However, if you have small children you will need to ensure they are properly secured from tipping hazards.

For the smaller plastic drawer labels I used small craft wood rounds and painted them with chalkboard paint, as well.

This DIY plastic drawer makeover is so easy, there’s nothing to it! It took a few hours from start to finish. I have to say I really dig the new look compared to the before! Much better, ya think? See how I did this DIY Plastic Drawer Makeover with a Faux Stainless Steel Look below…


This is what I used……

Plastic Drawers

RUST-OLEUM UNIVERSAL Metallic Paint & Primer in Dark Steel

1 12oz. can RUST-OLEUM Painters Touch Paint & Primer in Flat White

Martha Stewart ChalkBoard Paint

Wood Craft Frames

Wood Craft Rounds

Sharpie or Pencil

Chalk-Ola Wet Wipe Markers or Regular Chalk

 Small Foam Brush

Glue-gun & Sticks

First thing you’ll want to do is wipe down the drawers. Then using the RUST-OLEUM Paint & Primer (Dark Steel), apply a couple of coats to the outside of the front, back and sides. This paint is a little thicker than the RUST-OLEUM Painters touch in Flat White, because it is Metallic. You can’t see it in the photos, but the paint has a nice glittery look to it, which I like! (I used 2 11 oz. cans for all of the drawers.) Once you have all of the drawers painted, set aside to dry and start painting the body. I love this spraypaint because it dries so fast. It took about 10 minutes to dry between layers.

Now, the body of the taller set of plastic drawers were already white, so painting wasn’t necessary. The photo above is the small set of drawers, in case I confused you..


  For the wooden frame label…position your wooden frame on the front of the drawer to your desired location and trace the inside with your sharpie or pencil to form the inside of the frame shape. Using the Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint & Foam brush, paint in the shape as shown above. Apply 2-3 coats & let dry. While the paint is drying, paint the wooden frames with RUST-OLEUM Painters touch in Flat White. Then, hot glue the frame and position over the painted shape and press until adhered.

 For the round wood label…Using the Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint & Foam brush, paint the top and sides. Apply 2-3 coats & let dry, then using your sharpie, mark dots in the center of the front of the drawer as a guide, position and hot glue the rounds onto the drawer and you’re done!

All you have left to do is put it all back together and assign your labels with your Chalk-Ola Wet Wipe Markers! I LOVE these chalk markers, they make writing so easy and the colors are so vibrant. Make sure you read how to remove the chalk on the package, for perfect removal each time! To see another example how colorful they are, visit ” DIY His & Hers Chalkboard Love Notes”.

I’m really liking the new look here and loving that you or I can’t see all of my junk inside!!! Yayyyyy!

Are you ready to give your boring plastic drawers a makeover? I’d love to hear about it!!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep Checking Back to see What I’m up to next!

Always from my DIY ❤, chelle’


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