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DIY Superhero Cape

This DIY Superhero Cape is so simple and quick to make. Give your superhero instant super powers and ignite their imagination! Great for adults too!  It fits comfortably around the shoulders and fastens together with velcro at the neckline.


Happy Birthday Jozel Bear! This one’s for you!

I want to mention that our beautiful grand-daughter Jocelyn recently turned “7”! She is growing up so fast! She loves playing Superhero with her dog Chance. She would turn a bed sheet into a cape and run & play around the house, but she kept stepping onto the sheet and tripping, then injured her poor little self. That inspired me to make her, her very own personalized superhero cape.

In fact, it was so easy…I made her a Magician Cape and an American Hero Cape too! I will show you how to make the Superhero Cape Step by Step.

Below are the supplies you will need. (Pattern only comes with the top part of the cape, customize the bottom to your liking).

Let’s Get Started! ↓

Photo above has a customized logo I will be using in this tutorial, A Superhero logo template is available for download below, with the letter “S”. 

You will need:


Click to print Superhero Cape Pattern Top

1 Yard Fabric-Front Side

1 Yard Fabric-Back Side

Thread To Match Front & Back of Fabric

Velcro (1 in. x 1 in.) circles or squares (non-adhesive)


 Click to print DIY Superhero Logo Cutout (Print Two)

3/8 yard Fabric For Superhero Logo-Top Layer

3/8 yard Fabric For Superhero Logo-Back Layer

Thread To Match Fabric for Logo

1/2 Yard (Iron On) Double sided Adhesive, I use Pellon Wonder-Under
Scissors, sewing pins

First, print & cut out the Superhero Cape Pattern Top , create the bottom half of your pattern, using newspaper or paper on a roll. You can have a long, short, squared or rounded cape, thats up to you.

Front = A & Back = B

Front Side Example (A)

Fold (Front-Side) fabric in half with the wrong sides together. The printed side of the fabric should be facing up. Place your Superhero Cape Pattern on the fold of your fabric and cut out…

Back Side Example (B)

Spread the fabric for the (B) Back-side of the cape, print side up, place the printed side of the superhero cape (A)Front-Side of your fabric face down and pin to keep in place while you cut out (B) the Back-Side of your cape. Set Aside and start making your logo…

Iron, Two Fabric choices, Scissors, Pins (optional), Superhero Logo Cutout, Pellon Adhesive

Print TWO DIY Superhero Cutouts and cut out as instructed on the template.

Top of the photo: Top Layer, Bottom of the photo: Bottom Layer

Be sure to read and understand the Pellon Instructions before you begin.

Size your chosen fabrics and Pellon Adhesive with the top and back logo template. The printed side of your fabric and the rough side of the adhesive should both be facing down. Place and trace the template onto the adhesive backing. Once traced, Adhere the adhesive to the fabric with an iron, using the Pellon Instructions.

Cut out the logo pattern, now place the (Top Layer) template back onto the (Top Layer) fabric and pin to keep in place and trace the inside of the template (the “S”) onto the fabric and carefully cut out the S…

I didn’t want you to get confused, In this this tutorial, I chose to customize the template for my project.

Peel off the Pellon Adhesive backing to both Top Layer & Bottom Layer and center the bottom layer on the printed sided of your cape (A), then center the Top Layer of your logo onto the Bottom Layer, as shown above. Iron logo to fabric until it is secure, following the Pellon instructions. Since my fabric has plastic bling, I placed a pillowcase on top of the logo to protect the bling from melting. 

Place the printed sides of the Superhero Cape Front (A) and Back (B) together & pin to keep in place. Sew 3/8 inches around the edge of the entire cape, leaving a 4 inch opening at the bottom center of the cape…

Example:  4 inch Opening at the Bottom Center of Superhero Cape

Flip cape inside out, press, fold inside the 4 inch seam that was left open at the bottom center of the cape and then sew (stay stitch) 3/8 inches around the entire cape once more…

Sew on the velcro, as shown above, and you’re done!

And this is what the Superhero Cape looks like when it’s done! So Cute & Sooo Pink! Lol

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, If you found this DIY helpful, please comment & share, so others may benefit. Thank’s for your support.

Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next. 

 xoxo Chelle’




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