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DIY Artsy Organizer Using Tin Cans

Lately, I’ve been on an organizing kick and decided to share another project using tin cans to help with clutter. This Wall Organizer is surely keeping my studio space clutter free. We picked up the frame at a flea market for $4! I couldn’t pass up a good deal, Lol. I’m not  sure what it was used for before, maybe a tie holder? This project literally cost me under $10.00, not to shabby, huh? For another tin can idea, check out my DIY Artsy Organizer that is so cute, it can be displayed as an art piece too.

I decided not to paint the frame, I liked that it looks roughed up a bit. I added ribbon, clothes pins and a chalkboard label to the tin cans to pull it all together. I used old shower curtain hooks with decorative round balls that easily mount onto the frame to hold the tin cans. If you’re interested in a quick project, this took about 30 minutes to put together and in only 5 steps.

To make your Wall Organizer, this is what you’ll need:

A Frame that looks similar, Tin food cans, Shower curtain rings, miniature clothes pins, ribbon, chalkboard labels, drill & drill bit, glue gun & gluesticks.

A craft crate would look darling if you don’t have anything similar to the frame above. You can find one at your local craft store.

Step One: Clean out the tin cans and remove the label.

Step Two: Drill the holes in the tin cans. Be sure the drill bit is one size larger than the hook ends. To ensure the holes are even on each tin can, mark dots on the cans to use as a guide if thats easier for you.

Step Three: Measure the ribbon around the can for accurate sizing. A regular food can should be at least 9 1/2 inchs around, so you’ll want to add an addition inch to that. Under the hole, in the center of the can, squeeze a pea size dot of glue and place one end of the ribbon on it and hold till dry. Then squeeze another pea size dot of glue on top of the end that was just glued. Now wrap the remainder of ribbon around the can to adhere the other end.

Step Four: Glue the center front of the ribbon and place your clothes pin with the pinchers side down.

Step Five: Add your personalized chalkboard stickers to your tin cans and you’re done!


All you have to do is hook your cans with your shower curtain rings and hang your Wall Organizer.

I’m sure if you’re like me, you have plenty of goodies that need to have it’s place too! So let’s get organized!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

Always from my DIY ♥ chelle’


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