Introduction to My Senseless Drivel

Do you or a friend need a push? How many times have you or a friend said, “I wish I can…., I don’t think I can…., If only I would have…., Maybe, I’ll start next month…“? What is the word for that? Unmotivated, Insecure, Procrastination or Lazy? It could be that, maybe…I call it “The Dreamer syndrome”. Luckily, most of my friends are very motivated and inspiring to me, but sometimes I or friend will have a moment of insecurities, wants, wishes and even have big dreams. That’s ok, everyone has their moments, just remember…Nothing is unreachable!

I’ve been so guilty of that in the past. I don’t know how many times I too have said, “I wish I can…., I don’t think I can…., If only I would have…., Maybe, I’ll start next month…., I was once there! One morning when I woke up, and I mean WOKE UP, I decided that enough is enough! I had to stop being the dreamer and push myself to make a change. Whatever the situation, if I wanted something bad enough for myself, “I” was the only person that could do it. I still have minor dreamer relapses, but when it happens I immediately put a plan into action and remain positive. I have to say a little push went a long way! I’m so happy where I am today in life and know more good things are to come.

Every now and again I’ll have a friend with The Dreamer Syndrome and I will have to stop them in their tracks (because I know all the symptoms…LOL) and try to offer positive friendly feedback. I am not an enabler, I pretty much don’t put up with excuses either, been there, done that! What ever it may be, first thing I’ll do is LISTEN. I never tell them what I think they should do, they have to figure that part out and make a decision on their own. What I will do is ask if I may offer advice or recommend an idea, if it’s something I know is do-able and realistic.

There is nothing worse than that very moment you are having your very own pity party and your friend ruins it for you, by rudely TELLING you what you SHOULD DO. Even if you mean well, that will leave him/her thinking, “who the #%?! do you think are miss/mr know it all or you’ll get the eye roll. You know what I’m talking about. You may be guilty of that too! My point is, if your friend shows signs of the dreamer syndrome,  asking to help is better than TELLING. Just be sensitive, you’ve been there too.

So my friends….when or if you hear the same thing over and over and over again from your friend about the same wishes, wants or dreams, it’s The Dreamer Syndrome. Do them a favor and ask to help them. Be there for them and offer positive support. Even if you don’t have the answers, just be there to listen. Nothing is unreachable!! It’s the greatest feeling to hear a friend say, I know I can…, I did this today…, I’m so glad I did this today…!

Whatever the issue may be, if you or a friend show signs of The Dreamers Syndrome, it may be a subconscious cry for help, maybe. Either way, Give a Friend a Push, Help a friend today!

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I hope you enjoyed my very first drivel, Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

Until next time………chelle’


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