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So, How many of you have candle warmers or candle holders that are laying around the house, just sitting there not being used any longer? I DO. Why not repurpose them into something else? I will show you step by step, How to repurpose a candle warmer or candle holder into Hanging Flower Pot! It’s so simple and quick to do.

Lets Get Started 


You will need your choice of plants or flowers, potting soil, Two 2 ft. chain links, Two 3/4 inch “S” hooks, One 2 inch “S” hook (Optional), RUST-OLEUM spray paint (I used Heirloom White (My FAV), small piece of sandpaper and pliers.

The first step is to remove the hardware inside the candle warmer. On the bottom of the candle warmer, I unscrewed the nut & bolt that was holding in the hardware. Once removed, that loosened the electrical cord and unit inside and I was able to remove it with no issues. Since there was already a hole on the bottom I didn’t need to drill one. If your candle warmer does not have a hole, you will need to drill a hole on the bottom so the water has a place to exit when watering.

   (a diamond tip drill bit works great!)

Feed one chain through the hole at the rim of the candle warmer, then hook a 3/4 inch “S” hook to the end link and with your pliers, close the side holding the link, as shown above. The “S” hooks at the end reinforces the chain. Repeat on the other side. My candle warmer already had the holes at the rim on top of the warmer, if yours does not, use a diamond tip drill bit to make the holes to hold the chain.

Once you have fed the chain and attached the “S” hooks, it will look like this. The 2 inch “S” hook is to attach to the top of the chain to hang your flower pot. (Optional) 

Your candle warmer is now a Hanging Flower Pot! You can leave them as is or you can personalize them. I chose to paint mine.

Before you paint, be sure the hanging flower pots are wiped down clean and free of dust, then paint them with your favorite paint color. It’s up to you if you want to leave the chain unpainted, I actually love that look, but I chose to paint them, as well.

Using the small piece of sandpaper, firmly wipe over the areas to distress the areas you want to highlight. If you painted your chain, don’t forget to distress that too.

For this flower pot, I just weaved a ribbon around the middle and tied a bow. Not shown in photo, see below.

Fill your Hanging Flower pot with soil and plant your beautiful flowers or plants, water and your done!

That was so easy, don’t you agree?


I hope you enjoyed todays DIY project on How to repurpose your candle warmer into Hanging Flower Pot.

Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

xoxo From my DIY , chelle’


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