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How many of you ladies are tired of those boring slippers? I am! Do you like Ballerina Slippers? I’ve always loved ballerina shoes and thought, “Why not make some Ballerina Slippers that I can wear every day?!” And, so I did!

If you love Ballerina Shoes and are interested in making your very own personalized Ballerina slippers too, I’m sharing a PDF of my pattern for you to print, so you can!  It will be available for free for a limited time, so get yours now!



1 Anti-Skid Gripper Fabric Package, 1 Yard Fleece or Felt, 1 Yard Outer Slipper Fabric, 1 yard Inner Slipper Fabric, Embellishments, Matching Thread, Sewing Needle, Pins, Scissors, Sewing Machine, Serger (Optional) and….. Ballerina House Slippers Pattern

Cut out 4 Ribbon pieces with fabric to match the outer slipper.

Bottom Soles: 2 Anti-Skid soles and 2 with inner printed fabric.

Liner: 4 inner fabric pieces & 2 fleece Pieces.

Body: 4 Fleece Body Pieces, 2 outer body fabric pieces & 2 inner body pieces.

Make sure you flip the Bottom Sole Pattern piece to have a Left & Right.

To prep the bottom, layer the anti- skid on the bottom, with the rough side down. Then place the fleece in the middle and then the printed side of the fabric on top, facing up, set aside.

To make the body, Layer the fleece on bottom.

 Layer the outer fabric print face up on top of the fleece.

Next, layer the inner fabric print face down, on top of outer fabric print, as shown above.

Lastly, layer the last piece of fleece on top. Repeat to other foot.

Hand Sew or using your sewing machine, sew 1/4 inch on the entire inside of the body and the corners, shown above.

Clip edges and Flip the body inside out and press. Sew close to the edge.

Fold the body outside in and sew or serge 1/2 inch at the ankle.

OK…Don’t judge, Lol. My needle broke on my serger, while I was sewing the ankle seam. It looks awful, I know!

Now, attach the prepped sole to the body (Anti-Skid Piece & Fleece). Start at the heel…Match the outer printed fabric to the rough side of the sole and pin the sides. Leave the toe area open. (From the outer big toe to the outer pinkie toe)

It will look like this when you’re done. Don’t worry able the large gap at the toes. Starting at the outer big toe, sew all the way around to the outer pinkie toe. Cut raw edges and flip inside out.


Kind of looks like a fish, don’t you think?…Lol!

With your needle and thread, hand sew across the top of the Toes.

Hold the slipper with one hand and the other, carefully pull the thread from one end to bunch & gather. Tie a knot at the end to hold in place. Flip outside in and attach toes to the sole and sew 1/4 inch, cut raw edge and flip inside out once again.




Your slipper will look like this when your done. We’re getting close…It’s starting to look like a Ballerina Slipper!

Now, for the liner…

Layer the inner printed fabric face down, then the fleece liner in the middle and then place the inner printed fabric face up, on top.

Sew or Serge the outer edges. You can’t tell in the photo, but I chose to serge the edges for my slippers.

Place liner in your ALMOST completed Ballerina Slipper.

Match right sides of the ribbon pieces together and sew 1/4 inch on the sides leaving the ends open. Flip ribbon with right side out and press. Tuck corners inward and sew close to the edge, press again.

Sew the ribbon to the back of the slipper with the point of the ribbon facing up, shown above.

All there is left to do now is add your favorite embellishments to personalize your Ballerina Slippers, then slide into these beauties after a long day! Glorious!

After everything was prepped and ready to sew, it took literally one hour to sew, so I made another! Let me know your thoughts.

Take advantage of the free PDF Pattern now….It won’t be available for long.

Ballerina House Slippers Pattern

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Sewing Project, Keep Checking Back To See What I’m Up To Next!

Always from my DIY ♥, chelle’


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