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This Bluejean Boa Scarf will add some drama to your wardrobe, you can honestly wear it with anything!

I will show you step by step how to make your own Bluejean Boa Scarf. It was super easy to make!

Lets Get Started 

These are the supplies you will need…


Straight out of my closet. I’m not one to throw things out, I love to repurpose everything to bring them back to life! By the way, any type of material or even ribbon will work great for this project. I cut 4 pairs of jeans, and had plenty left over to make another. It all depends how long you want your Bluejean Boa Scarf to be.

You will also need a sewing machine, scissors, pins and 1 spool of thread of your choice and a ruler, fabric pen or chalk (optional). If you need a pattern guide like me, just use a piece of paper and cut out a rectangle measuring 4×6 inches.

The first thing you want to do is cut out all the leg seams, keeping in mind to save as much material as possible to make as many rectangles as you can out of each pair of jeans.

I made 84 4×6 rectangles to make a 7.75 foot Bluejean Boa Scarf

Once you have all of your pieces cut out, separate the variety of shades to your liking. I mixed mine up quite a bit to add different tones throughout. Now layer two pieces with the wrong sides together.

For each layered set, overlap them together by 2 inches and pin to hold in place, as shown above and repeat until you have your desired length. Be sure not to pin in the center.

Once you have your desired length, using your fabric pen or chalk, draw a line in the center of your rectangles to use as a guide for sewing. (Optional)

Sew in the middle from one end to the other. Since this is denim, repeat sewing once again, for extra hold.

Now this is where you can get creative! Cut your fringes any width you want on both sides, but do not cut too close to the center. The thinner your fringe, the more dramatic it will be. I mixed it up and fringged pieces 1/8 &  1/4 inch wide throughout. Warning….It may get a little messy.

After cutting all of your fringes, take your Bluejean Boa Scarf outside and give it a good shaking. This will clean off the excess lint and fluff your fringes. Lol…You’re done!!

Now it’s up to you, how you want to show it off.

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY Project, How to make your own Bluejean Boa Scarf! Comment below and let me know how yours turned out.

Always from my DIY  chelle’


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