My Senseless Drivel/The Dreamer Syndrome
We've had a Website Makeover!!!

So the news is out, We are adding something new to, The Chelle’ Project Blog. In addition to Project DIY’s, Sewing & Recipes, we are introducing to you our, Senseless Drivel 2016 Collection of pure nonsense!! So Stay Tuned, it’s coming very soon!

My Senseless Drivel will consist of…

Sometimes people need inspiration to get motivated whether it’s lifestyle, work, or even to be creative in their ARTs. I know I appreciate Inspirational Quotes, now & then. For the most part, I try to stay positive on a daily basis, life is too short. I’m the type that like to help others, So why not spread some inspiration and have fun with it? If I can help at least one person get inspired in a tiny way, THAT will make my day!!

Just like it says…I’m going to share, Throwback Personal Stories and not so personal stories with you about things from the past. Who would of thought that I would want to talk about my most embarrassing, funny and maybe sad moments to my readers. Yes, it’s personal, but this is my way of opening up. I’ve always been the quiet one in any group and never ever wanted to cause attention to myself, for fear of making a fool out of myself. Now, my thoughts are, “SO WHAT”!!! I’m happy, respectable, smart, loving, nurturing and I’m a GOOF, there I said it. This project and YOU, will be my therapy..LOL. If you are reading this, and you’ve felt or feel the same way, you know the feeling, right? I’m rambling now, with that said; for each story I tell, feel free to share your short story in the comments too, if you like.

Ok, this can mean several things. Either I can’t tell a good joke, I’m the last one to get a joke or I’m the only one laughing at a joke. Well, pretty much thats why it is named Bad Jokes. So, Readers please be kind and go along with me! I will share my jokes, along with jokes from others. Come do the eye roll with me and maybe have a snicker or two!

In hopes, This is going to be super fun! It’s going to be Questions and Answers to Random Topics and I want YOU to interact and get involved, if you want of course. There will be NO topics on Politics, Religion or anything serious BTW! Just Random Nonsense. So, for each topic if you would like to interact, feel free to comment away!

Last but not least…, Quirky Drivel. This is “Anything Goes! It will be totally random, it may be My Thought For The Day, Pet Peeves or Minor Rants.

quirky /’kwǝrkē/ Your friend with pink hair, the excellent vocabulary, and the totally inappropriate wit? You could probably call her quirky, meaning she’s unconventional and has a strange mix of traits that somehow end up being kind of interesting or charming. The Dictionary...LOL

There it is… My Senseless Drivel, I do hope you will like the new addition.

Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

xoxo chelle’


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