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How to make your own Bluejean Boa Scarf

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an “It’s Sew Show & Tell” Sewing Project. This is the NEWLOOK 6282 Pattern, I experimented with, last weekend. Summer is here, so it’s time to update the wardrobe with some new sheer fabrics. I hardly ever wear the color blue, but this fabric is fabulous and had to have it. It’s color is so vibrant and the print is lovely.

Its Sew Show and Tell/ NewLook 6282 Pattern

The fabric is so light and breathable and it has embroidered hearts. Naturally the fabric is so sheer and see through, so I chose a solid satin dark blue fabric for the lining. In this photo above, I wore this dress with a belt with purple flowers and silver flip flops. The purple really pops against the blue!

The NEWLOOK 6282 Pattern, had several style options to choose from, I selected option D. I did follow the pattern somewhat, but of course I changed it up a bit. Instead of having a short train in the back, I opted out. Instead, I made the hem even all the way around and included flirty ruffles at the hem line. And, I sewed the wrong side of the fabric to face out so the embroidered hearts showed more texture.

This black leather belt even works, just add some black leather flats and your good to go!

If you prefer brown leather, it works, as well.

Side View

See how sheer the fabric is? I love it! It has a little Peek-a-Boo going on, but not too much.

The NEWLOOK 6282 Pattern was easy to follow and pattern sizing was accurate. I made this dress in 2 days, only because it was the weekend and had a few distractions. I’m certain that it can be sewn in several hours.

Back View

Or wear this with No Shoes!

Such a simple dress and with the ruffle customizations, this dress is a keeper!

To make your own summer dress, I used NEWLOOK 6282, below 

The fabric I used

This view is showing the fabric on the wrong side ↑ See how the texture pops?

This is how it looks right side out. BORING! It made a difference, Don’t you think?

Photos taken by, Bryan Scott

Have you used the NEWLOOK 6282 Pattern yet? If you have any suggestions on patterns you’d like me to try, for, “its Sew Show & Tell”, send me an email at: 

I hope you enjoyed todays Project, Keep checking back to see what I’m up to next!

Always from my DIY ♥, chelle


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