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DIY American Hero Cape I love Vintage! I love the vintage (retro) look especially with an edgy twist to it, which makes it so much fun! I wanted to share my version of Vintage Rock / Series Two with you, it was so simple to make and I loved the first one so much I made another one! It is a repeat of Vintage Rock / Series One, meaning, I’ve used the same pattern for both, but played around with a different fun fabric print.

 Vintage Rock / Series Two

 I wore this dress to a Battle Of The Rock Bands Judging Event. Of course, I had to throw in my favorite leather jacket & boots! To pull the look together, I purchased fabric online at, I threw on Black Tights, by: HUE, a black leather jacket, by: Jou Jou, my favorite black leather boots, by: Guess By Marciano & a black headband from my local department store.

I had to make minor adjustments to the sizing, the pattern size I selected was a half size too big. It was nothing that couldn’t be altered. Since, I’m on the Shorter side, I had to take up the hem a bit too. Now, those of you that have seen Vintage Rock / Series One, that dress was hemmed a lot shorter than this dress.

I’m 5’3, if you are about 5’3 as well & you wanted to give this pattern a try & if you choose to leave the hem strictly to the Simplicity pattern, the hem line falls level just above the knee. About one and one half inches longer than the photo below.

This is not one of my greatest works, Pooey, but I still had fun wearing it. The one flaw in this pattern, is the seam right in the front of the dress, from the neck line to the hem. Now, as you can see in this photo above, I really messed up with lining up the print to match! Ugggh! ….and the world didn’t end! (Lol)  The seam wasn’t so noticeable on the same dress below.

This is the Vintage Rock / Series One Dress I was referencing to. Compare the front seams with the photo above, it takes a bit of adjusting to get it right. This is definitely something I have to better myself with!

This is the pattern I used

Pattern: Simplicity 1609

Jacket: Jou Jou

Boots: Guess By Marciano

Tights: HUE in black

Fabric: Hobby Lobby Glam Girl Dot

Photography: Bryan Scott

I hope you enjoyed todays Show & Tell project, if you’ve used this pattern for your creative sewing project, I would love for you to share your results or stories.

Always, From my DIY ♥, Chelle’



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